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 Swanson Gallery (click on thumbnails for larger image)


 Swanson Photos

My great-grandmother Hulda Marie Swanson wedding portrait.

My great-great grandfather Ole Swanson - father of Hulda Marie Swanson

My great-great grandmother Christine Swanson - mother of Hulda Marie Swanson

Emma Swanson - my great grandaunt.

Freda Swanson and daughter Helen.


 Swanson Tombstones

Ole Swanson tombstone, Lakeview cemetery, Ludington, Michigan

Christine Swanson tombstone, Lakeview cemetery, Ludington, Michigan

Arthur & Ethel tombstone, Lakeview cemetery, Ludington, Michigan.

Baby Wayne Swanson, infant son of Arthur & Ethel Swanson, Lakeview cemetery, Ludington, Michigan.


 Swanson census images

1900 Census - Ole Swanson family begins on line 44.


 Swanson obituaries

Christine Swanson fatal accident newspaper article from Ludington Daily News 8/26/1928

Hulda (Swanson) Genson obituary


 Swanson death certificates

Ole Swanson death certificate

Hulda Swanson death certificate



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