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Genson Gallery (click on thumbnails for larger image)


Genson Photos

The Genson sisters - Josephine, Eunice, and Maxine. Unsure of the exact date of this picture, but I would guess mid-1990s.

Charles William (Bill) Genson - my great-grandfather.

My great-grandfather Charles William Genson wedding portrait.

My great-grandmother Hulda (Swanson) Genson wedding portrait.

Portrait of my great-great-grandfather Charles Genson.

Portrait of my great-great-grandmother Ann (Lomas) Genson.

Another portrait of my great-great-grandmother Ann (Lomas) Genson.

Genson Obituaries, death notices

Charles William (Bill) Genson's obituary.

Mabel Genson's obituary. Mable is first cousin of my grandmother Eunice May Genson.

Maxine (Genson) Thompson death notice.

Maxine (Genson) Thompson obituary.

Maxine (Genson) Thompons funeral handout.

Maxine (Genson) Thompons funeral handout cover.

Genson Tombstones

Samuel Cox Genson's tombstone, Sugar Grove Cemetery, Sherman Township, Michigan

Levi Genson, Sugar Grove Cemetery, Mason County, Michigan. Levi's was the first grave in Sugar Grove Cemetery.

Genson census images

These images are quite large and the thumbnails below are not legible.  Click on the thumbnail to see the entire image.

1910 Census - Sherman Twp, Mason Co, Michigan

Charles William (Bill) Genson and mother Ann are listed beginning on line 67.

1920 Census - Victory Twp, Mason Co, Michigan.

Charles William (Bill) Genson, wife Hulda, daughters Maxine & Eunice, and mother Ann beginning on line 42.

1910 Census - Sherman Twp, Mason Co, Michigan.

Levi Edward Tracy (grandson of Jane Genson) on line 90.


Genson PDF documents

Samuel Cox Genson Homestead certificate of 1873.

1870 Census - Sherman Township - Page 486.

1870 Census - Sherman Township - Page 487R.




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