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 Mickevich Photos

Mickevich family in the Round Lake area. Unsure of the year of this photo.

Felix Mickevich in Norge Refrigeration talent show in Muskegon Michigan 1937 - second row under the "E" in Norge.

Felix Mickevich in 1939.

Felix Mickevich in 1955.

Felix Mickevich (left) and Joe Mickevich (right) with mother Eva in middle.

Mickevich family reunion in Fountain in early 1970s. From left to right, Florenz Mickevich and children Felix, Joe, Mary, Alice and Ann.

Joe and Josephine Mickevich in 1988.

Felix Mickevich (2nd from right) and sister Ann (3rd from right) in California.

Ann Mickevich high school graduation picture.

Mickevich garage in Fountain, Michigan.

Alice, Felix, and Ann Mickevich (believe dog's name is Shep).

Info requested by Ann (Mickevich) Martin in 1963 regarding her parents (Florenz and Eva Mickevich).

Josephine (Genson) Mickevich and daughter Jane (Mickevich) Mehuron

Joe and Josephine (Genson) Mickevich and their children and spouses.

Four generations of Joe Mickevich.


Mickevich Obituaries

Felix Mickevich obituary in Ludington Daily News 4/11/1984.

Alice (Mickevich) Roach obituary.

Ann (Mickevich) Martin obituary.


Mickevich Tombstones

Felix Mickevich tombstone, Sugar Grove cemetery.


Mickevich census images

1920 Census - Florenz Mickevich family beginning on line 57.

1930 Census - Florenz Mickevich family beginning on line 31.



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